Faisaltex Ltd and others, Regina (on the Application of) v Crown Court Sitting at Preston and others etc: Admn 21 Nov 2008

Nine claimants sought leave to bring judicial review of the issue of search warrants against solicitors’ and business and other premises, complaining of the seizure of excluded material and of special procedure material. There were suspicions of the import of counterfeit clothing and of money laundering.
Held: The burden of showing that the judge acted ultra vires in issuing a warrant or that the police acted unlawfully when executing a warrant rests upon the claimant. There had been a delay, arising from attempts to reach agreement with HMRC, but that was not related to the lawfulness of the warrants themselves. The claim was not filed promptly as required.
However, it was not clear why the fact that the firm of solicitors had acted on five appeals by the claimants and not a lesser number had any significance as to the use of search warrants rather than a production order for the firm of solicitors. There had been no rational basis for the warrant to search the solicitors’ offices.
An accountant however would normally have a much closer connection with the business under suspicion.
Once the judge was satisfied on the issue of legally privileged material, there was no reason why the section 8 warrants should not specify computers and similar items amongst the material to be seized if there were reasonable grounds for believing that they contained relevant evidence, albeit that they might also contain irrelevant material.
A computer and its hard disk were capable of being ‘material’ within section 8(1), Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.

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Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 9
England and Wales
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See AlsoFaisaltex Ltd and Others v Lancashire Constabulary and Another QBD 24-Jul-2009
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