Regina v London Borough of Newham and Bibi and Al-Nashed: CA 26 Apr 2001

The housing authority had mistakenly thought that it was obliged to re-house the applicants under the Act with secure accommodation, and promised them accordingly.
Held: That promise had created a legitimate expectation: ‘In all legitimate expectation cases, whether substantive or procedural, three practical questions arise. The first question is to what has the public authority, whether by practice or by promise, committed itself; the second is whether the authority has acted or proposes to act unlawfully in relation to its commitment; the third is what the Court should do.’ The authority was to be obliged to honour that legitimate expectation to the extent of including it properly among the matters it considered when looking at their applications, and allocating to them housing. That obligation existed even if the authority had not been able to show that the claimants had not done anything to their detriment in relying upon the promise. Nevertheless, it did not create an obligation simply to fulfill the promise. Detrimental reliance does not necessarily ‘render it unfair to thwart a legitimate expectation.’ The court granted a declaration ‘that the local authority is under a duty to consider the applicants’ applications for suitable housing on the basis that they have a legitimate expectation that they will be provided by the authority with suitable accommodation on a secure tenancy.’

Schiemann LJ
Times 10-May-2001, Gazette 07-Jun-2001, [2001] EWCA Civ 607, [2002] 1 WLR 237
Housing Act 1996
England and Wales
Appealed toRegina v London Borough of Newham ex parte Bibi, Regina v London Borough of Newham ex parte Al-Nashed Admn 18-Jan-1996
. .

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