Rayner v Preston: CA 8 Apr 1881

The vendors agreed to sell a house which they had insured against fire risk. The house was damaged by fire after contract but before completion, and the issue was whether the purchaser was entitled to the benefit of the insurance.
Held: (Majority) The purchaser, who had completed his contract, was not entitled as against the vendor to the benefit of the insurance.
The court discussed the trusteeship arising on a contract for the sale of land: ‘An unpaid vendor is a trustee in a qualified sense only, and is so only because he has made a contract which a Court of Equity will give effect to by transferring the property sold to the purchaser . .’, but the trusteeship arose in respect of the property only and not any associated insurance policy. Brett LJ: it was a misnomer to describe the vendors as trustees of the house, but even if they were trustees the contract of insurance did not run with the land. James LJ (dissenting) The vendors were trustees and held the insurance money for the purchaser because any benefit which accrued to a trustee by reason of his legal ownership was taken as trustee for the beneficial owner.
Cotton LJ, Brett LJ, James LJ
(1881) 18 Ch D 1, [1881] UKLawRpCh 110
England and Wales
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