Englewood Properties Limited v Patel and Another: ChD 16 Feb 2005

The claimant was a property developer, which sought to sell a row of shops at auction. One lot was a Woolworths store, where the company owned both freehold and leasehold interests, with Woolworths occupying an underlease, which the claimant had purchased and then created a lease back. The underlease contained a covenant not to permit any other fixed price store in the row, and to include similar covenants in any other leases or conveyances. The leaseback contained an appropriate covenant. The defendant were successful at the auction. Their solicitors were refused a reassurance that conveyances of the other shops sold at the auction would comply with the covenant. They refused to complete.
Held: Between exchange and completion, the sellers held the property on trust for the buyers, and had a duty to maintain it in the same conditions as on exchange. That duty did not extend to its management of neighbouring properties, and the defendant was not free to insist upon such covenants or refuse to complete.
Mr Justice Collins Mr Justice Collins
[2005] EWHC 188 (Ch), Times 09-Mar-2005, [2005] 3 All ER 307, [2005] 1 WLR 1961
England and Wales
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The defendant had agreed at auction to buy a leasehold house from the trustees for sale under a will. The lease contained a covenant on the lessee to keep the premises insured against fire, with a clause for forfeiture in the event of . .
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Held: The agreements were upheld, and . .
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Sham requires common intent to create other result
The court considered a claim by a hire-purchase company for the return of a vehicle. The bailee said the agreement was a sham.
Held: The word ‘sham’ should only be used to describe an act or document where the parties have a common intention . .
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The vendor had received, between contract and completion, compensation for the requisition of the premises.
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The vendors agreed to sell a house which they had insured against fire risk. The house was damaged by fire after contract but before completion, and the issue was whether the purchaser was entitled to the benefit of the insurance.
Held: . .
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The vendor had received, between contract and completion, compensation for the requisition of the premises.
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There was an unconditional sale of a property to a developer for which the vendor was seeking planning permission. The vendor withdrew his application for planning permission after the contract.
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(From Court of Appeal for Eastern Africa) An Act provided that a contract of sale did not create any interest, but the seller was bound to take as much care of the property as an owner of ordinary prudence would take. This standard was the same as . .

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The builders had obtained a charging order for the costs awarded to them in extensive litigation, and a third party costs order but without the third party having opportunity to test the bill delivered. They had agreed to sell land to the defendant, . .
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The appellant challenged a sale and rent back transaction. He said that the proposed purchaser had misrepresented the transaction to them. The Court was asked s whether the home owners had interests whose priority was protected by virtue of section . .

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