Pyx Granite Ltd v Ministry of Housing and Local Government: HL 1959

There is a strong presumption that Parliament will not legislate to prevent individuals affected by legal measures promulgated by executive public bodies having a fair opportunity to challenge these measures and to vindicate their rights in court proceedings doing so. Viscount Simonds said: ‘It is a principle not by any means to be whittled down that the subject’s recourse to Her Majesty’s courts for the determination of his rights in not to be excluded except by clear words. That is a ‘fundamental rule’ from which I would not for my part sanction any departure.’
References: [1960] AC 260, [1959] 3 All ER 1
Judges: Viscount Simonds, Lord Goddard
Jurisdiction: England and Wales
This case cites:

  • Appeal from – Pyx Granite Co Ltd v Minister of Housing and Local Government CA 1958
    Pyx Granite had the right to quarry in two areas of the Malvern Hills. The company required permission to break fresh surface on one of the sites.
    Held: Conditions attached to the planning permission relating to such matters as the times when . .
    ([1958] 1 QB 554)

This case is cited by:

  • Cited – I-CD Publishing Ltd v The Secretary of State, The Information Commissioner (Interested Party) Admn 21-Jul-2003
    The claimant sought judicial review challenging the restrictions on the sale of electoral registers to registered credit reference agencies. Following Robertson (1) the new regulations created two registers, and the claimant sought to be able to . .
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  • Approved – Wandsworth London Borough Council v Winder HL 1985
    Rent demands were made by a local authority landlord on one of its tenants. The local authority, using its powers under the Act, resolved to increase rents generally. The tenant refused to pay the increased element of the rent. He argued that the . .
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    The defendant had been convicted, under regulations made under the Act, of smoking in a railway carriage. He sought to challenge the validity of the regulations themselves. He wanted to argue that the power to ban smoking on carriages did not . .
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