A, Regina (on The Application of) v B; Regina (A) v Director of Establishments of the Security Service: SC 9 Dec 2009

B, a former senior member of the security services wished to publish his memoirs. He was under contractual and statutory obligations of confidentiality. He sought judicial review of a decision not to allow him to publish parts of the book, saying it was vitiated by bias, and in breach of his right to freedom of exptession. The respondent argued that under the 2000 Act, he could only seek a remedy before the Investigatory Powers Tribunal. The claimant said that the Human Rights act required any claim under it to be brought in the High Court.
Held: Any challenge must be brought exclusively before the tribunal. Parliament had not intended to allow such questions to be raised other than in the tribunal. A court hearing such issues would necessarily receive matters relating to the security of the service, and the tribunal had counterbalancing powers intended to achieve fairness. In this case A had by now already received sufficient information about the objections to allow him to comply with his obligations when writing such a book.
A powerful pointer against the proposition that Parliament had intended to leave it to a complainant to choose whether to bring proceedings in court or before the IPT was: ‘the self-evident need to safeguard the secrecy and security of sensitive intelligence material, not least with regard to the intelligence services. It is to this end, and to protect the ‘neither confirm nor deny’ policy . . .that the Rules are as restrictive as they are regarding the closed nature of the IPT’s hearings and the limited disclosure of information to the complainant (both before and after the IPT’s determination)’.

Lord Phillips, President, Lord Hope, Deputy President, Lord Brown, Lord Mance, Lord Clarke
Times 11-Dec-2009, [2009] UKSC 12, UKSC 2009/0020, [2010] 2 WLR 1, [2010] UKHRR 568, [2010] 2 AC 1, [2010] HRLR 11, [2010] 1 All ER 1149
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Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 65(2)(a), Official Secrets Act 1989, European Convention on Human Rights 10, Human Rights Act 1998 7(1)(a), Investigatory Powers Tribunal Rules 2000 (SI 2000/2665)
England and Wales
At First InstanceA v B; Regina (A) v Director of Establishments of the Security Service Admn 4-Jul-2008
The claimant a retired senior officer in the intelligence services wished to publish a book of his memoirs. He was refused permission for his duty of confidentiality, and said that this infringed his human rights. The Director denied his right to . .
Appeal fromA v B CA 18-Feb-2009
The claimant a former senior member of the Security Services sought to challenge a decision refusing permission to pulish his memoirs in full. The respondent argues that the Investigatory Powers Tribunal had exclusive jurisdiction. The respondent . .
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There is a strong presumption that Parliament will not legislate to prevent individuals affected by legal measures promulgated by executive public bodies having a fair opportunity to challenge these measures and to vindicate their rights in court . .
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There are no degrees of nullity
The plaintiffs had owned mining property in Egypt. Their interests were damaged and or sequestrated and they sought compensation from the Respondent Commission. The plaintiffs brought an action for the declaration rejecting their claims was a . .
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The defendant had been a member of the security services. On becoming employed, and upon leaving, he had agreed to keep secret those matters disclosed to him. He had broken those agreements and was being prosecuted. He sought a decision that the . .
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The respondent appealed against a finding that the provision which made a loan agreement completely invalid for lack of compliance with the 1974 Act was itself invalid under the Human Rights Act since it deprived the respondent of its property . .

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CitedAJA and Others v Commissioner of Police for The Metropolis and Others CA 5-Nov-2013
The Court was asked whether the Investigatory Powers Tribunal had the power to investigate whether police officers acrting as undercover agents, and having sexual relations with those they were themselves investigating had infringed the human rights . .

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