Prudential Plc and Another, Regina (on the Application of) v Special Commissioner of Income Tax and Another: Admn 14 Oct 2009

The company had obtained legal advice but had taken it from their accountants. The Revenue sought its disclosure, and the company said that as legal advice it was protected by legal professional privilege.
Held: The material was not protected. The privilege given under the Act by virtue of the Morgan Grenfell decision was limited to legal advice given by lawyers. The link between legal advice privilege and members of the legal profession is a natural one and part of the inter-relationship of a lawyer’s professional duties, including a lawyer’s duties to the court, and the administration of justice. Legal advice privilege does not extend to advice given by accountants on tax law in circumstances, such as the present, where if the accountant had been a solicitor the claim to Legal Professional Privilege would not be one based on litigation privilege.
Charles J said: ‘[there is] a compelling, and indeed unanswerable, case that in modern conditions accountants have the expertise to advise on tax law and it is firms of accountants, rather than firms of solicitors, who do give such advice and represent clients in disputes with the revenue on many aspects of their tax affairs. Further many firms of accountants now employ lawyers to advise on tax and what they, and qualified accountants in the same firm, do in this context is the same . . So, in my view, [it has been] shown that accountants do what lawyers are described as doing in the cases that establish [LAP]. This has been the case for some time and in my view an equivalent position can be said to exist in respect of other professions.’

Charles J
[2009] EWHC 2494 (Admin), [2009] STI 2770, [2009] BTC 680, [2010] ACD 10, [2010] STC 161, [2010] 1 All ER 1113, [2009] NPC 113
Times, Bailii
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Appeal fromPrudential Plc and Another, Regina (on The Application of) v Special Commissioner of Income Tax and Others CA 13-Oct-2010
The court was asked whether advice given by an accountant could be protected against disclosure by legal professional privilege. The company had taken advice from its accountants, and objected to disclosure of that advice to the tax authorities . .
At First InstancePrudential Plc and Another, Regina (on The Application of) v Special Commissioner of Income Tax and Another SC 23-Jan-2013
The appellants resisted disclosure to the revenue of advice it had received. It claimed legal advice privilege (LAP), though the advice was from its accountants.
Held: (Lords Sumption and Clarke dissenting) LAP applies to all communications . .

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