Abegaze v Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology: CA 20 Feb 2009

In 2000 the claimant succeeded in his claim for discrimination, but had not pursued his remedy. He now appealed against a refusal to allow him to take it further. He had initially failed to pursue the matter for ill health. He later refused to submit to an examination by the defendant’s medical experts.
Held: Whilst the claimant’s lack of co-operation was frustrating, the remedy of strike out was excessive. It was not the case that a fair trial of the issues was no longer possible. The court said: ‘The strike-out for failing actively to pursue the case raises some different considerations. In Evans Executors v Metropolitan Police Authority [1993] ICR 151, the Court of Appeal held that the general approach should be akin to that which the House of Lords in Birkett v James [1978] AC 297 considered was appropriate when looking at the question whether at common law a case should be struck out for want of prosecution. (The position in civil actions has altered since the advent of the Civil Procedure Rules.) That requires that there should either be intentional or contumelious default, or inordinate and inexcusable delay such that there is a substantial risk that it would not be possible to have a fair trial of the issues, or there would be substantial prejudice to the Respondent.’ and ‘The events in this matter occurred nearly two years ago. It is true there was an ongoing investigation but the ongoing investigation is not about the incidents, it is about the way in which the investigation was carried out.
Memories do fade and whilst it is clear from the correspondence that the parties both agree that the proceedings should be stayed up to 29 February 2008, it was then the claimant’s solicitors who in fact suggested not that the stay be extended, but the claimant then give her particulars by 7 April. It was the claimant’s solicitor’s suggestion that matters should then move on.
Bearing in mind the time that has passed, I do think that that will prejudice a fair trial so taking everything into account I do consider that fault does lie with the claimant and, in all the circumstances and for the reasons set out, whilst allowing the review I confirm the judgment that the claim should be struck out and proceed no further as the claimant had failed to actively pursue her claim. In making that decision I have taken into account that the claimant is still in the employment relationship with the respondent.’

Ward LJ, Rimer LJ, Elias LJ
[2009] EWCA Civ 96, [2010] IRLR 238
Employment Tribunals (Constitution and Rules of Procedure) Regulations 2004 18(7)
England and Wales
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Appeal fromAbegaze v Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology EAT 4-Mar-2008
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