Progress Bulk Carriers Ltd v Tube City IMS Llc: ComC 17 Feb 2012

The claimant sought to set aside an arbitration saying that the arbitrator had misapplied the test for economic duress.
Cooke HHJ
[2012] EWHC 273 (Comm)
England and Wales
CitedPace Shipping Co Ltd of Malta v Churchgate Nigeria Ltd of Nigeria ComC 7-Oct-2010
The courts do not approach arbitration awards with a meticulous legal eye endeavouring to pick holes, inconsistencies and faults or with the object of upsetting or frustrating the process of arbitration. . .
CitedDalwood Marine Co v Nordana Line A/S (‘The Elbrus’) ComC 21-Dec-2009
. .
CitedPao On and Others v Lau Yiu Long and Others PC 9-Apr-1979
(Hong Kong) The board was asked whether a contract of guarantee had been obtained by duress.
Held: Lord Scarman said: ‘Duress, whatever form it takes, is a coercion of the will so as to vitiate consent. Their Lordships agree with the . .
CitedHuyton SA v Peter Cremer Gmbh and Co ComC 21-Oct-1998
Mance J discussed the law of economic duress saying it was established law that economic pressure could amount to duress and referred to two basic ingredients for duress of that character. He identified those ingredients as first, ‘illegitimate . .
CitedMutual Finance Ltd v John Wetton and Sons Ltd 1937
A relative of a forger gave a guarantee in circumstances where the forger had been threatened with prosecution. He now pleaded economic duress.
Held: The guarantee should be set aside. The court considered the distinction between dures and . .
CitedThorne v Motor Trade Association HL 1937
The House confirmed a declaration granted as to validity of a rule of association notwithstanding the absence of any dispute. The House considered the nature of the threat required to establish a defence of duress.
Lord Wright observed that the . .
CitedUniverse Tankships Inc of Monrovia v International Transport Workers Federation HL 1-Apr-1981
A ship belonging to the appellants had been blacked by the defendant union. Negotiations to clear the threat resulted in payment by the appellants to a welfare fund of the defendant. The company sought its refund saying that it had been paid under . .
CitedDSND Subsea Ltd v Petroleum Geo Services Asa TCC 28-Jul-2000
Dyson J set out the principles applicable in establishing a pleading of commercial duress:
(i) Economic pressure can amount to duress, provided it may be characterised as illegitimate and has constituted a ‘but for’ cause inducing the claimant . .
CitedDimskal Shipping Co SA v International Transport Workers Federation (‘The Evia Luck’) HL 1991
The Plaintiff shipowners had been induced by industrial action against a vessel in Sweden, which actions would be lawful under Swedish law, to undertake to enter into written agreements with the ITF under which, inter alia, more generous agreements . .
CitedCTN Cash and Carry v Gallaher CA 15-Feb-1993
The buyer paid a sum demanded by the seller who threatened otherwise to withdraw the credit facilities it provided to the buyer. The sum was not in fact due, but the demand had been made honestly. The buyer said the agreement was voidable for . .
CitedAdam Opel Gmbh and Another v Mitras Automotive (UK) Ltd QBD 18-Dec-2007
The parties had agreed for the supply of automotive parts by the defendant to the claimant under a sole supply arrangement. None were in fact ordered for the first few years. The manufacturer then changed its design and made a new arrangement with a . .
MentionedCarillion Construction Ltd v Felix (UK) Ltd 2001
. .

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