Prince Jefri Bolkiah v KPMG (A Firm): HL 16 Dec 1998

Conflicts of Duty with former Client

The House was asked as to the duties of the respondent accountants (KPMG). KPMG had information confidential to a former client, the appellant, which might be relevant to instructions which they then accepted from the Brunei Investment Agency, of which Prince Jefri had been chairman, to investigate the whereabouts of certain assets suggested to have been used by Prince Jefri for his own benefit.
Held: The House granted an injunction restraining KPMG from acting for the Agency. The burden was on KPMG to show that there was no risk of the information coming into the possession of those within KPMG acting for the Agency. Though KPMG had tried to erect a Chinese wall, this was ad hoc and within a single department; further the two teams involved – one which had acted for Prince Jefri and the one which was acting for the Agency – contained large and rotating memberships of persons accustomed to working with each other.
A solicitor has an absolute duty to his clients, and to former clients, to protect their confidence and could not later act for an opponent. An accountant providing litigation support is bound by the same duties, an information barrier, a so-called Chinese Wall, erected within the firm is liable to be insufficient. The duty extends beyond that of refraining from deliberate disclosure, and includes the duty not to put the client at risk: ‘ . . a fiduciary cannot act at the same time both for and against the same client, and his firm is in no better position. A man cannot without the consent of both clients act for one client while his partner is acting for another in the opposite interest. His disqualification has nothing to do with the confidentiality of client information. It is based on the inescapable conflict of interest which is inherent in the situation.’ and (Lord Millett) ‘I prefer simply to say that the court should intervene unless it is satisfied that there is no risk of disclosure. It goes without saying that the risk must be a real one, and not merely fanciful or theoretical. But it need not be substantial.’
Lord Millett said: ‘It is incumbent on a plaintiff who seeks to restrain his former solicitor from acting in a matter for another client to establish (1) that the solicitor is in possession of information which is confidential to him and to the disclosure of which he has not consented and (2) that the information is or maybe relevant to the new matter in which the interests of the other client is or may be adverse to his own’.

Lord Browne-Wilkinson Lord Hope of Craighead Lord Clyde Lord Hutton Lord Millett
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House of Lords, Bailii
England and Wales
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