Koch Shipping Inc v Richards Butler (a Firm): CA 22 Jul 2002

The claimants in an arbitration sought orders with regard to a solicitor who had moved to the opponent’s firm of solicitors, but who came with privileged knowledge of the claimant’s business dealings. She offered undertakings, but the claimant viewed these as inadequate. The respondent firm of solicitors appealed an order to withdraw from the action.
Held: Each such case must turn on its facts. Here there was no reason to doubt the high professionalism, skills and integrity of the solicitor in question. The situation differed from that in Bolkiah. It was fanciful to imagine her inadvertently letting something slip to the detriment of the claimant.
Tuckey LJ warned that: ‘In these days of professional and client mobility it is of course important that client confidentiality should be preserved. Each case must depend on its own facts but I think there is a danger inherent in the intensity of the adversarial process of courts being persuaded that a risk exists when, if one stands back a little, that risk is no more than fanciful or theoretical. I advocate a robust view with this in mind so as to ensure the line is sensibly drawn.’
Lord Justice Ward, Lord Justice Tuckey and Lord Justice Clarke
Times 21-Aug-2002, Gazette 26-Sep-2002, [2002] EWCA Civ 1280, [2002] 2 All ER Comm 957, [2002] 1 PNLR 603, [2002] Lloyd’s Rep PN 604
England and Wales
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