Price v Price (Trading As Poppyland Headware): CA 26 Jun 2003

The claimant sought damages from his wife for personal injuries. He had been late beginning the claim, and it was served without particulars. He then failed to serve the particulars within 14 days. Totty and then Sayers had clarified the procedure for applications for extension of time.
Held: The lower courts had failed to apply the rules as required by Sayers. The tension is between the interests of the administration of justice and the effect which the granting of relief would have on each party. Here the claimant had failed entirely to do what he ought under the rules. Justice could be achieved by a Walsh v Messeldine order, restricting the claimant to the issues and evidence made known the defendant before his default.


Lord Justice Brooke Lady Justice Hale Lord Justice Sedley


[2003] EWCA Civ 888, Times 28-Jul-2003, [2003] 3 All ER 911




Civil Procedure Rules 3.9


England and Wales


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AppliedDermot Gerard Richard Walsh v Andre Martin Misseldine CA 29-Feb-2000
The claimant sought damages for injuries from 1989. His claim was pursued effectively, but a four-year delay ensued after 1994. He then sought to enlarge his claim greatly by introducing a lot of new issues of which the defendant’s insurers had no . .

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