Biguzzi v Rank Leisure Plc: CA 26 Jul 1999

The court’s powers under the new CPR to deal with non-compliance with time limits, were wide enough to allow the court to allow re-instatement of an action previously struck out. The court could find alternative ways of dealing with any delay which could recompense the other party and seek to achieve justice as between the parties. The new Civil Procedure Rules had ushered in a new regime. Decisions as t the pre-Cpr regime ae no longer binding, though they may be helpful usd with caution. Lord Woolf pointed out the array of sanctions made available under the CPR which might enable a court to do justice to the parties, after delay had occurred, without resorting to the draconian measure of a strike out order.
Lord Woolf MR said: ‘it is also essential that parties do not disregard timetables laid down. If they do, then the court must make sure that the default does not go unmarked. If the court were to ignore delays which occur, then undoubtedly there will be a return to the previous culture of regarding time limits as unimportant.’


Lord Woolf MR, Brooke, Robert Walker LJJ


Times 05-Oct-1999, [1999] EWCA Civ 1972, [1999] 1 WLR 1926, [1999] 4 All ER 934, [2000] CP Rep 6, [2000] 1 Costs LR 67




Civil Procedure Rules 3.4


England and Wales


CitedBirkett v James HL 1977
Exercise of Power to Strike Out
The court has an inherent power to strike out an action for want of prosecution, and the House set down the conditions for its exercise. The power is discretionary and exercisable only where (a) there has been inordinate and inexcusable delay and . .

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The court refused an appeal by the defendants from an order refusing to strike out the claim.
Held: Where the court could deal with a matter justly without striking a case out, by possibly imposing a sanction as to costs, it should do so. Here . .
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