Precis (521) Plc v William M Mercer Ltd: CA 15 Feb 2005

Purchasers of a company sought to claim in negligence against the respondent actuaries in respect of a valuation of the company’s pension funds.
Held: There was a paucity of authority as to when a duty of care was assumed. The words used and the subjective view of the information provider were not determinative, but in this case the defendants could not be taken to have assumed responsibility to the claimants.
Arden LJ said: ‘it is now well established that in finding the true meaning of the exchanges between the parties the court will apply not the dictionary meaning of the words used but the meaning which the parties may reasonably be supposed to have given those words in context’, and there was no list of guiding principles to help the court determine when an assumption of responsibility can be said to arise: ‘The courts have, therefore, to look at all the relevant circumstances and (following their approach to the duty of care generally . .) determine whether the circumstances fall within the situations in which an assumption of liability has previously been held to exist or whether the circumstances are closely analogous to and consistent with the situations in which liability has been imposed in previous cases.’


Lord Justice Laws, Lord Justice Kennedy Lady Justice Arden


[2005] EWCA Civ 114, Times 24-Feb-2005, [2005] PNLR 511




England and Wales


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Account taken of circumstances wihout ambiguity
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