Poulton v Ministry of Justice: CA 22 Apr 2010

The claimant was trustee in bankruptcy but the court failed to register the bankruptcy petition at the Land Registry as a pending action. The bankrupt was therefore able to sell her land, and the trustee did not recover the proceeds. The trustee sought to recover from the defendant who was responsible for the court service.
Held: The defendant’s appeal succeeded. The obligation under rule 6.13 and the court’s practice of complying with it, and would not imply that the court would serve the request itself. The contrasting provisions of the various Acts suggested an obligation to compensate: ‘Parliament had in mind the possibility that creditors might suffer from a failure on the part of the Land Registry to comply with its duties under section 61, and considered that a private claim against the Registry should not be permitted but that compensation should be provided for out of the insurance fund. By contrast, no such provision was made in the Land Charges Act, so that the Chief Land Registrar might be taken to be open to suit for failure under that Act. Equally there was no immunity for the court under rule 149A, so, again, a breach of that duty might be taken to be actionable.’ However, ‘The fact that occasionally there may be a failure due to oversight does not seem to me to be a sufficient reason to find a private remedy for breach of the obligation created by this rule.’ The freedom of the applicant to make an application indicated against giving a private right.
There was no basis for an assertion of a common law duty: ‘this is not a question of a duty of care; it would be a duty to do an act, which is either done or not done, and the complaint would be of failure to do it at all, not of doing it but without proper care and attention. Another is that, absent the obligation imposed by the rule, the petitioning creditor would have every reason to make the request itself, as it would be entitled to do. The only basis for saying that the creditor places reliance on the court is that the rule requires the court to give the notice.’

Pill, Lloyd, Pitchford LJJ
[2010] EWCA Civ 392, [2010] 3 WLR 1237, [2010] BPIR 775, [2011] 1 Ch 1
Land Registration Act 2002, Insolvency Act 1986 284, Insolvency Rules 1986 6.13, Land Charges Act 1972
England and Wales
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Insolvency, Negligence

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