GG (Political Oppositionists) Ivory Coast CG: IAT 23 Oct 2007

i. Political oppositionists in the Ivory Coast (including members and supporters of the RDR) do not in general face a real risk of persecution or serious harm or ill-treatment on return.
ii. For a political oppositionist who is a high-ranking member or an activist, the position may well be different, at least so far as risk in that person’s home area is concerned. That is so whether he or she is a member of the RDR, the northern-based FN or some other oppositionist party or organisation.
iii. A person who is not a member but merely a supporter of the RDR or the FN (or other oppositionist party or organisation) may, depending on the circumstances, be at real risk if he or she is also an activist.
iv. In the context of deciding cases involving persons claiming to be at risk because of their actual or perceived membership of, or support for, political opposition parties or groups, the existence of certain other factors (being a northerner, being a Muslim and being a West African immigrant) may raise the level of risk, although whether they raise it enough to cross the threshold of persecution or serious harm or ill-treatment will depend on the particular facts of the case. Even in combination with a low or medium-level political profile as an oppositionist, such factors will not normally give risk to a real risk.
v. Political oppositionists who are able to give a credible account of risk in their home area will in general be able to avoid a real risk of further persecution or serious harm or ill-treatment by relocating.
vi. AZ (Risk on return) Ivory Coast CG [2004] UKIAT 00170, heard 4 May 2004, remains valid as country guidance for the period up that date. DI (Ivory Coast) CG [2002] UKIAT 04437 remains a relevant source of guidance on FGM-related claims. However, VG (Coup) Ivory Coast CG [2002] UKIAT 04020 and TD-K JK (Relocation of ex-President Bedie) Ivory Coast CG [2002] UKIAT 03140 no longer hold value as guidance.

[2007] UKAIT 00086
England and Wales


Updated: 01 November 2021; Ref: scu.261625