Point Solutions Ltd v Focus Business Solutions Ltd and Another: ChD 16 Dec 2005

It was claimed that the defendant’s computer software infringed the copyright in software owned by the claimant. A declaration was sought beacause of allegations that assertions about infringement had been made to third parties.
Held: The declaration was refused. There was no explicit provision in copyright law for a declaration of non-infringement as was available in Patent proceedings. A party had to have some sufficient interest to found a request for a declaration. There was no expert evidence before the court as to whether infringement had in fact taken place. Nevertheless sufficient was said to lay doubt as to the provenece of the defendant’s software.


Her Honour Judge Frances Kirkham


[2005] EWHC 3096 (Ch)




Civil Procedure Rules 40.20 C1-001, Patents Act 1977 71


England and Wales


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