Financial Services Authority v Rourke: ChD 19 Oct 2001

The applicant sought a declaration that the defendant had acted in breach of the Act, in accepting sums by way of deposit, without being authorised, and had made prohibited statements to attract such deposits. Could a civil court make such a finding which would be equivalent to a finding of guilt of a criminal offence? The Civil Procedure Rules provided: ‘The court may make binding declarations whether or not any other remedy is claimed.’ This power is wide, and indeed wide enough. In this case no criminal proceedings were pending, and a criminal court could if necessary assess the fairness of any subsequent proceedings. ‘when deciding whether to grant a declaration or not, the court should take into account justice to the claimant, justice to the defendant, whether the declaration would serve a useful purpose and whether there are any other special reasons why or why not the court should grant the declaration’.


Mr Justice Neuberger


Times 12-Nov-2001, Gazette 29-Nov-2001, [2002] CP Rep 14, [2001] EWHC 704 (Ch)




Banking Act 1987 3 35, Civil Procedures Rules 40.20


England and Wales


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The publisher to whom the plaintiff author had sold the rights to his book became insolvent. He sought a declaration that it would be in breach of the contract.
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Banking, Civil Procedure Rules

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