Percy and Another v Hall and Others: QBD 31 May 1996

There was no wrongful arrest where the bylaw under which it was made was invalid. The question is the belief of the arresting officers. The effect of retrospective legislation is not always fully worked through. English law provides no cause of action for invalid administrative acts as such. A ‘second actor’ may be blameless if he detains a person in reliance on what appears to be a lawful authority, whether issued by a ‘first actor’ or otherwise.
Simon Brown LJ said of a byelaw under consideration: ‘Better . . to treat the instrument as valid unless so uncertain in its language as to have no ascertainable meaning, or so unclear in its effect as to be incapable of certain application in any case.’


Simon Brown LJ, Schliemann LJ


Times 31-May-1996, [1997] QB 924

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Torts – Other, Police, Administrative

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