Oxonica Energy Ltd v Neuftec Ltd: PatC 5 Sep 2008

The parties disputed the meaning of an patent and know how licence. The parties disputed whether the agreement referred to IP rights before formal patents had been granted despite the terms of the agreement.
Held: ‘The secret of drafting legal documents was best described by Nicolas Boileau, who was not only a literary critic but a qualified lawyer: ‘Ce que l’on concoit bien s’enonce clairement et les mots pour le dire arrivent aisement’. What one conceives well can be stated with clarity and the words to say it come easily. We should all have that framed and displayed on our desks.’ The parties would have required a knowhow licence in any event in order to provide a confidentiality agreement. The contract having been drafted not clearly by one side or the other, the contra preferentem rule could not be used to settle the matter.
Neuftec’s suggestion succeeded, and royalties were attracted by any product falling within at least one claim in the agreement, but not otherwise.
Peter Prescott QC
[2008] EWHC 2127 (Pat)
England and Wales
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Requirememts to prove breach of confidence
A claim was made for breach of confidence in respect of technical information whose value was commercial.
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Minor Irregularity in Break Notice Not Fatal
Leases contained clauses allowing the tenant to break the lease by serving not less than six months notice to expire on the third anniversary of the commencement date of the term of the lease. The tenant gave notice to determine the leases on 12th . .
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Account taken of circumstances wihout ambiguity
The respondent gave advice on home income plans. The individual claimants had assigned their initial claims to the scheme, but later sought also to have their mortgages in favour of the respondent set aside.
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Appeal fromOxonica Energy Ltd v Neuftec Ltd CA 9-Jul-2009
The parties had entered into a patent and know-how licensing agreement, the interpretation of which was now disputed. . .

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