Overseas Medical Supplies Limited v Orient Transport Services Limited: CA 20 May 1999

The appellant challenged a finding that it was responsible for the loss of medical equipment being transported from Tehran to the UK, and of failing to insure it as required, the contractual term exempting it from responsibility being an unreasonable one under the Act, since the obligations imposed on the respectve parties were imbalanced.
Held: The insurance requested was not practically available other than through the defendants. The claimants requested the insurance, and the defendants did not sufficiently clearly set out that the limitation of liability applied also if they did not insure. Given the values the limitation to andpound;600 was derisory. The limitation clause was unreasonable.
Potter LJ said: ‘First, so far as this Court is concerned, while the hearing of this appeal is in the form of a re-hearing and the Court is entitled to reach its own view of the evidence, its approach is constrained by a natural reluctance to disturb a first instance decision as to what is reasonable in all the circumstances of a particular case, bearing in mind that views on reasonableness may properly differ and that, in any matter where the decision depends not merely on argument but also on the effect of oral evidence, the first instance Judge has the advantage of hearing such evidence at first hand.’


Lord Justice Potter Lord Justice Mantell


[1999] EWCA Civ 1449, [1999] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 273




Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977


England and Wales


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A seedsman sought to rely upon an exclusion clause preventing any claim by a purchaser by way of set off against its sales invoices. The House was asked whether a contractual term was ‘fair and reasonable’ within the meaning of section 55 of the . .
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The question of the reasonableness of a clause must be assessed having regard to the relevant clause viewed as a whole: it is not right to take any particular part of the clause in isolation, although it must also be viewed against a breach of . .
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When looking at the reasonableness of a clause limiting rather than excluding of liability, the size of the limit compared with other limits in widely used standard terms may be relevant. . .
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