Cleaver and Others v Schyde Investments Ltd: CA 29 Jul 2011

The parties had contracted for the sale of land. The purchaser secured the rescinding of the contract for innocent misrepresentation. A notice of a relevant planning application had not been passed on by the seller’s solicitors. The seller appealed saying that the judge had been wrong to find that condition 7.1.3 of the Standard Conditions of sale failed under the 1977 Act.
Held: The appeal failed. ‘There is nothing self-evidently offensive, in terms of reasonableness and fairness, in a contractual term which restricts a purchaser’s right to rescind the contract in the event of the vendor’s misrepresentation to cases of fraud or recklessness or where the property differs substantially in quantity, quality or tenure from what the purchaser had been led to expect, and to confine the purchaser to damages in all other cases. That is a perfectly rational and commercially justifiable apportionment of risk in the interests of certainty and the avoidance of litigation.’
Longmore LJ said: ‘This case is a good example of the width of the interference with freedom of contract generated by section 11 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977. My initial reaction was that a term restricting rescission (in non-fraudulent cases) to instances where the property differed substantially in quantity, quality or tenure from what it had been represented to be was, in general, a reasonable clause. The Law Society (with, of course, no axe to grind on behalf of either vendors or purchasers) had promulgated the clause, taking into account judicial criticism of its predecessors.
But the question is not whether the clause is, in general, a reasonable clause. The question is whether it was a reasonable clause in the contract made between this vendor and this purchaser at the time when the contract was made. On the particular facts of this case both parties were aware of and wished (if possible) to exploit the development potential of the property. The planning position (and any change to it between the answer to enquiries and completion) was of obvious materiality. Yet the mere existence of an application for planning permission can hardly be said to make the property different in quantity, quality or tenure from what it had been represented to be.’

Laws, Longmore, Etherton LJJ
[2011] EWCA Civ 929
Misrepresentation Act 1967 3, Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 11(1)
England and Wales
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