Metal und Rohstoff AG v Donaldson Lufkin and Jenrette Inc: CA 27 Jan 1989

The claimants sued for negligent advice and secured judgment. The defendant company became insolvent, and so the plaintiff now sued the US parent company alleging conspiracy. The court considered a tort of malicious prosecution of a civil claim, saying the plaintiff must establish that the defendant had instigated ‘without reasonable and probable cause’, but then lost the previous proceedings and have been actuated by malice, and have suffered damage. The court doubted the general existence of the tort.
No action lies, save for very limited exceptions in the nature of abuse of process, for recompense for damage caused by litigation itself. Slade LJ considered the notion of a constructive trust: ‘No satisfactory definition of a constructive trust has yet been enunciated, and perhaps none ever will be; for the concept is still uncertain and the boundaries obscure . . Nevertheless, as appears from . . Snell, there are, among others, at least three well-established categories of constructive trust. A person receiving property which is already subject to a trust becomes a constructive trustee thereof either (1) if he receives the trust property with actual or constructive notice that it is trust property and that the transfer to him is in breach of trust (which we will call a ‘receipt of property constructive trust’) or (2) if, after receiving it, otherwise than as a purchaser for value without notice of the trust, he acquires notice of the trust and thereafter deals with it in a manner inconsistent with the trust (which we will call a ‘wrongful dealing constructive trust’), and (3) a person who does not actually himself receive the trust property, may also be treated as a constructive trustee if, . . he assists with knowledge a fraudulent design on the part of the trustees.’
Slade LJ said: ‘Although we have not heard full argument on this point, we have great doubt whether any general tort of maliciously instituting civil proceedings exists. The courts have countenanced claims by a plaintiff complaining of a malicious and unjustified arrest or of malicious and unjustified institution of bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings, but the cases have not (to our knowledge) gone beyond these limited categories. There are dicta suggesting that in the case of an ordinary civil action, however maliciously and unjustifiably brought, the successful defendant has no cause of action in tort.’


Slade, Stocker and Bingham LJJ


[1990] 1 QB 391, Gazette 04-Oct-1989, [1989] 3 All ER 14, [1989] 3 WLR 563


England and Wales


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