MCA Records Inc and Another v Charly Records Ltd and others (No 5): CA 5 Oct 2001

The court discussed the personal liability of a director for torts committed by his company: ‘i) a director will not be treated as liable with the company as a joint tortfeasor if he does no more than carry out his constitutional role in the governance of the company–that is to say, by voting at board meetings.
ii) there is no reason why a person who happens to be a director or controlling shareholder of a company should not be liable with the company as a joint tortfeasor if he is not exercising control though the constitutional organs of the company and the circumstances are such that he would be so liable if he were not a director or controlling shareholder. In other words, if, in relation to the wrongful acts which are the subject of complaint, the liability of the individual as a joint tortfeasor with the company arises from his participation or involvement in ways which go beyond the exercise of constitutional control, then there is no reason why the individual should escape liability because he could have procured those same acts through the exercise of constitutional control.
iii) liability as a joint tortfeasor may arise where the individual ‘intends and procures and shares a common design that the infringement takes place’.
iv) whether or not there is a separate tort of procuring an infringement of a statutory right, actionable at common law, an individual who does ‘intend, procure and share a common design’ that the infringement should take place may be liable as a joint tortfeasor.’ (Chadwick LJ)

Lord Justice Simon Brown, Lord Justice Chadwick And Lord Justice Tuckey
[2001] EWCA Civ 1441, [2002] FSR 26, [2002] BCC 650, [2002] ECDR 37, [2003] 1 BCLC 93, [2002] EMLR 1
England and Wales
See AlsoMCA Records Inc v Charly Records Ltd and others (No 5) CA 29-Nov-2001
Thre had been an action for copyright and trade mark infringement. The court considered the personal liability of directors of the company for the costs of the action. . .
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The navigators of two ships had committed two separate torts or one tort in which they were both tortfeasors.
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The court looked at personal responsibility of the directors of a company for torts committed by the company: ‘Prima facie a managing director is not liable for tortious acts done by servants of the company unless he himself is privy to the acts, . .
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Volunteer Was Joint Tortfeasor
A and B set out together to investigate the source of a gas leak which was B’s direct concern alone. A had come with him to help. Because B was too old to carry out a particular task, A carried it out instead. The means of investigation was . .
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Inducing breach of contract is a Tort
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Appeal fromMCA Records Inc and Another v Charly Records Ltd and others ChD 22-Mar-2000
A licence to record is a one-off event authorising recording for the period of the licence. . .

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See AlsoMCA Records Inc v Charly Records Ltd and others (No 5) CA 29-Nov-2001
Thre had been an action for copyright and trade mark infringement. The court considered the personal liability of directors of the company for the costs of the action. . .
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GPM had acquired an internet domain name ‘’. Citigroup alleged passing off and trade mark infringement. The claimant complained of an unjustified threat. The defendant counterclaimed, and sought summary judgment.
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AppliedFuture Publishing Ltd v The Edge Interactive Media Inc and Others ChD 13-Jun-2011
The claimant said that the defendant had infriged its rights by the use of its logo on their publications. . .

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