Lord Advocate (Representing The Taiwanese Judicial Authorities) v Dean: SC 28 Jun 2017

(Scotland) The respondent was to be extradited to Taiwan to serve the balance of a prison term. His appeal succeeded and the order quashed on the basis that his treatment in the Taiwanese prison system would infringe his human rights. The Lord Advocate now appealed.
Held: The question was a devolution issue, being ‘a question whether a purported or proposed exercise of a function by a member of the Scottish Executive is, or would be, incompatible with any of the Convention rights’
Held: The appeal was allowed on the devolution issue, and the case remitted to the Appeal Court to reconsider the appeal.
The HCJ having misguided itself as to the assessment of the condition in a Taiwan jail, the Court reconsidered them, saying: ‘In this case the assurances are given on behalf of the central government of Taiwan, which is a developed society with a tradition of respect for the rule of law. There is no suggestion that the Taiwanese authorities ill-treated Mr Dean before he fled the country. The assurances are given by a senior responsible official and have been confirmed by two Ministers of Justice and by the Director General of the agency with responsibility for managing prisons. The assurances, and in particular those about his accommodation and separating him from group activities with other prisoners if that is necessary for his safety, are specific rather than general. The assurances envisage that United Kingdom consular staff will have access to Mr Dean in prison and include an undertaking to remedy any breach of the assurances which the consular staff raise with the prison authorities. The memorandum of understanding and the assurances have given a role to the consular staff which they have not had in the past in relation to United Kingdom citizens imprisoned in Taiwan. There is no reason to think that the consular staff would not perform their obligations to monitor the assurances if Mr Dean were to request their help. While there appears to have been no examination of the access which Mr Dean might have to legal advice, Dr McManus recorded the apparently successful operation of a complaints system in the prison and that some prisoners had obtained access to the domestic courts. This is the first occasion on which Taiwan has sought to extradite a United Kingdom citizen and the memorandum of understanding and the assurances are therefore untested. .’


Lord Mance, Lord Sumption, Lord Reed, Lord Hughes, Lord Hodge


[2017] UKSC 44, [2017] WLR 2721, [2017] SLT 773, [2017] 1 WLR 2721, 2017 GWD 21-345, [2017] WLR(D) 432, 2017 SCCR 388, UKSC 2016/0212


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European Convention on Human Rights, Scotland Act 1998 57(2), Extradition Act 2003 73




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