BH and Another v The Lord Advocate and Another: SC 20 Jun 2012

The appellants wished to resist their extradition to the US to face criminal charges for drugs. As a married couple that said that the extraditions would interfere with their children’s rights to family life.
Held: The appeals against extradition failed. The appeal was competent in that proper human rights issues arose. The allegations were of very serious criminal activity, and the public interest in effective extradition must be given great weight. The prospect here was that if extradited and convicted, the children of the applicants would be separated from their parents for a long time. In Mr H’s case, he was already separated from the mother. Her case was more difficult. Where both parents of young children are at risk of being extradited, the case is of an exceptional character, and the court must consider whether a home prosecution might not also serve. In this case a trial in the US was appropriate. The best interests of the children did not outweigh the need for justice.

Lord Hope, Deputy President, Lady Hale, Lord Mance, Lord Judge, Lord Kerr, Lord Wilson, Lord Brown
[2012] UKSC 24, UKSC 2011/0210, 2012 SC (UKSC) 308
Bailii, Bailii Summary, SC Summary, SC
Extradition Act 2003, European Convention on Human Rights 8
England and Wales
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It will only be in exceptional circumstances that an applicant’s private or family life in a contracting state will outweigh the legitimate aim pursued by his or her extradition. Recalling that there is no right in the Convention not to be . .
Appeal fromBH and Another v HM Advocate HCJ 29-Jul-2011
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Prosecution to protect defendant not available
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In each case the defendant sought to resist European Extradition Warrants saying that an order would be a disporportionate interference in their human right to family life. The Court asked whether its approach as set out in Norris, had to be amended . .
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