Lawrence and Another v Fen Tigers Ltd and Others: QBD 4 Mar 2011

The claimants had complained that motor-cycle and other racing activities on neighbouring lands were a noise nuisance, but the court also considered that agents of the defendants had sought to intimidate the claimants into not pursuing their action. The defendants argued that the properties were in any event noisy because of proximity to RAF Mildenhall.
Held: A nuisance had been committed. The landlords of the properties were dismissed form the main action. The claimants had shown nothing to suggest that they had done anything to adopt any noise nuisance by their tenants. Several activities had been operated over the years with and without planning permissions, but the permissions could not be said to have altered the character of the area.
The law does not recognise an easement of noise, or an easement only exercisable between certain times of the day or on a limited number of occasions in the year. The prescription defence failed.
An injunction should be granted (in terms yet to be agreed), specific enough to avoid future difficulties, and damages awarded.
Though there had been intimidation, there was no evidence at all to connect any of the defendants with any act of intimidation. The claimants had failed to establish any entitlement to aggravated damages.

Richard Seymour QC J
[2011] EWHC 360 (QB), [2011] 4 All ER 1314
Prescription Act 1832
England and Wales
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Application to strike out passages from witness statements. . .
See AlsoLawrence and Another v Fen Tigers Ltd and Others QBD 18-Oct-2010
The court made orders to assist the future management of the case. . .

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Appeal fromCoventry (T/A RDC Promotions and Another v Lawrence and Others CA 27-Feb-2012
The appellants, owners of a motor sport racing circuit, appealed against a finding that their activities constituted a nuisance, given that they had planning permissions for the use.
Held: The appeal succeeded. The judge had erred in holding . .
At first instanceCoventry and Others v Lawrence and Another SC 26-Feb-2014
C operated a motor racing circuit as tenant. The neighbour L objected that the noise emitted by the operations were a nuisance. C replied that the fact of his having planning consent meant that it was not a nuisance.
Held: The neighbour’s . .
Appeal fromLawrence and Another v Fen Tigers Ltd and Others CA 2012
Jackson LJ set out the way in which planning consents would affect whether actions amounted to a nuisance: ‘I would summarise the law which is relevant to the first ground of appeal in four propositions. (i) A planning authority by the grant of . .
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The appellants challenged the compatibility with the European Convention on Human Rights of the system for recovery of costs in civil litigation in England and Wales following the passing of the Access to Justice Act 1999. The parties had been . .

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