Coventry and Others v Lawrence and Another: SC 22 Jul 2015

The appellants challenged the compatibility with the European Convention on Human Rights of the system for recovery of costs in civil litigation in England and Wales following the passing of the Access to Justice Act 1999. The parties had been involved in very substantial litigation over an alleged nuisance. The claimants’ lawyers had acted under a conditional fee agreement, and were successful at trial. The defendants objected to the payment of a proportion of the success fee payable by the claimants to their solicitors, and of the After the Evenet Insurance premium.
Held: The system was compatible with the defendants’ human rights. The aims of the scheme were, to reduce the burden of legal aid, to discourage weak claims and to facilitate court access. Tyey did so by transferring the burden of costs to an unsuccessful defendant. Those were legitimate aims, and the means were proportionate.
‘there is a powerful argument that the 1999 Act scheme is compatible with the Convention for the simple reason that it is a general measure which was (i) justified by the need to widen access to justice to litigants following the withdrawal of legal aid; (ii) made following wide consultation and (iii) fell within the wide area of discretionary judgment of the legislature and rule-makers to make. On that basis, it is no answer to say that other measures could have been taken which would have operated less harshly on non-rich respondents: the reasoning of the ECtHR at para 110 of the Animal Defenders case is particularly apposite here. ‘


Lord Neuberger, President, Lady Hale, Deputy President, Lord Mance, Lord Clarke, Lord Dyson, Lord Sumption, Lord Carnwath


[2015] UKSC 50, [2015] 1 WLR 3485, [2015] 4 Costs LO 507, [2015] WLR(D) 332, [2015] HRLR 16, UKSC 2012/0076


Bailii, WLRD, Bailii Summary, SC 50, SC 2014 46/13, SC 50 Summ, SC 2014 46/13 Summ


European Convention on Human Rights, Access to Justice Act 1999


England and Wales


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CitedHalloran v Delaney CA 6-Sep-2002
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CitedKU (A Child) v Liverpool City Council CA 27-Apr-2005
(Practice Note) The solicitor appealed an order which made the success fee payable different at different stages of the court action.
Held: The court had no power to make such an order. To the extent that the CPR might suggest otherwise they . .
CitedCrane v Canons Leisure Centre CA 19-Dec-2007
Sums paid out by a solicitor to his costs draughtsman are profit costs as part of the base costs to which the success fee mark-up under a conditional fee agreement applies, rather than disbursements. The defining characteristic was whether the . .
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CitedMGN Limited v United Kingdom ECHR 18-Jan-2011
The applicant publisher said that the finding against it of breach of confidence and the system of success fees infringed it Article 10 rights to freedom of speech. It had published an article about a model’s attendance at Narcotics anonymous . .

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CitedTimes Newspapers Ltd and Others v Flood and Others SC 11-Apr-2017
Three newspaper publishers, having lost defamation cases, challenged the levels of costs awarded against them, saying that the levels infringed their own rights of free speech.
Held: Each of the three appeals was dismissed. . .
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