Koch Marine Inc v D’Amica Societa Di Navigazione ARL (The Elena d’Amico): QBD 1980

The ship owners wrongfully repudiated a charterparty in March 1973, 14 months after its inception. The charterers did not hire a substitute but claimed damages for the loss of profits they would have made between January and April 1974, during which period there was a substantial rise in market rates.
Held: The standard measure in an available market, was for damages to be assessed on the difference between the contract and market rates for the remaining charter period; but a plaintiff could recover damages beyond the normal measure if those damages fell within ‘the principle in Hadley v Baxendale’. In this case there was no causative link between the owners’ breach of contract and the charterers’ decision not to take advantage of the available market. The owners’ decision was independent of the wrongdoing that had taken place, and, for that reason, there was no warrant for departing from the prima facie measure. The court set out three heads of mitigation of damages, namely non-recovery for avoidable loss; recovery for loss incurred in reasonable attempts to avoid loss; and non-recovery for avoided loss.
Goff said: ‘these three aspects of mitigation are all really aspects of a wider principle which is that, subject to the rules of remoteness, the plaintiff can recover, but can only recover, in respect of damage suffered by him which has been caused by the defendant’s legal wrong. In other words, they are aspects of the principle of causation’.
Robert Goff J
[1980] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 75
England and Wales
Cited by:
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