Khan v Royal Air Force Summary Appeal Court: Admn 7 Oct 2004

The defendant claimed that he had gone absent without leave from the RAF as a conscientous objector.
Held: The defendant had not demonstrated by complaint to the RAF that he did object to service in Iraq. In some circumstances where there was no procedure to make his objection known, the failure to do so might be taken account of, but here such a procedure did exist. For article 9, ”law’ (i) must have the status of law, (ii) must be adequately accessible, (iii) must be of sufficient precision to be foreseeable, and (iv) must be compatible with the rule of law. ‘ Although the appellant’s recall papers did not expressly refer to conscientious objection as a ground for claiming exemption, it did sufficiently identify a relevant ground, namely ‘any other grounds . . for compassionate reasons’. Nevertheless there was no relevant manifestation of conscientious objection and no interference with any such manifestation by reason of the appellant’s recall, arrest, prosecution or conviction.


Mr Justice Forbes Lord Justice Rix


[2004] EWHC 2230 (Admin), Times 28-Oct-2004




European Convention on Human Rights 9.1, Air Force Act 1955, The Reserve Forces (Call Out and Recall) (Exemption Etc) Regulations 1997 (SI 1997 No 307)


England and Wales


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