In re Grayan Building Services Ltd: CA 1995

The degree to which an appellate court will be willing to substitute its own judgment for that of the tribunal will vary with the nature of the question. Hoffmann LJ said: ‘The concept of limited liability and the sophistication of our corporate law offers great privileges and great opportunities for those who wish to trade under that regime. But the corporate environment carries with it the discipline that those who avail themselves of those privileges must accept the standards laid down and abide by the regulatory rules and disciplines in place to protect creditors and shareholders. And, while some significant corporate failures will occur despite the directors exercising best managerial practice, in many, too many, cases there have been serious breaches of those rules and disciplines, in situations where the observance of them would or at least might have prevented or reduced the scale of the failure and consequent loss to creditors and investors.’
Hoffmann LJ said: ‘The court is concerned solely with the conduct specified by the Secretary of State . . under rule 3(3) of the Insolvent Companies (Disqualification of Unfit Directors) Proceedings Rules 1987. It must decide whether that conduct, viewed cumulatively and taking into account any extenuating circumstances, has fallen below the standards of probity and competence appropriate for persons fit to be directors of companies.’ and ‘Some of the examples given by the judge are of extenuating circumstances which accompanied the conduct in question. These are matters which it seems to me would always be proper for the court to take into account. On the other hand, if the judge meant that the court was concerned with anything other than whether the conduct, taken in its setting, fell below the appropriate standard, I would respectfully disagree.’
References: [1995] Ch 241, [1995] 3 WLR 1
Judges: Henry LJ, Hoffmann LJ, Neill LJ
Statutes: Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 6, Insolvent Companies (Disqualification of Unfit Directors) Proceedings Rules 1987
Jurisdiction: England and Wales
This case is cited by:

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