Humber Oil Terminals Trustee Ltd v Associated British Ports: ChD 24 Feb 2011

The claimant sought to renew its leases of docking facilities from the landlord defendant. The defendant resisted saying it intended to operate its own business, and the claimant now alleged that the defendant was abusing its dominant position to demand excessive rents. The defendant sought to strike out that part of the claim.
Held: The allegation of abuse of dominant position failed. It was not the case that a proposal, made in the course of negotiations, of a rent or price which is excessive can without more constitute the imposition of an unfair rent or price for the purposes of section 18 and Article 102. Furthermore the claimant had failed to particularise the allegation. The related parts of the claim were struck out.

Sir Andrew Morritt
[2011] EWHC 352 (Ch)
Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 30(1)(g), Competition Act 1998 18
England and Wales
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The court looked at the intention required of a landlord to show an intended purpose to oppose renewal of a lease. Asquith LJ said: ‘An ‘intention’ to my mind connotes a state of affairs which the party ‘intending’ – I will call him X – does more . .
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The federal government sought to recover properties from the defendants which it said were the proceeds of corrupt behaviour by the principal defendant who had been State Governor of a province. The claimant sought summary judgment.
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The appellant challenged the terms of an order granting it a new lease under the Act. The landlord sought to have included an upwards only rent review. There was a ransom element since the plot was used as a base for an electricity sub-station which . .
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Pre-trial review of pending trial. The court ordered the hearing of a preliminary issue being: ‘the issue of whether the Defendant intends to occupy the holdings for the purposes, or partly for the purposes, of a business to be carried on by it . .
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