BHB Enterprises Plc v Victor Chandler (International) Ltd: ChD 27 May 2005

The claimant created a very substantial computerised database about horses and the racing industry. It licensed the database to users, including some who were able to grant sub-licenses. It sought to rely on the Database Directive to support its rights to prevent unauthorised extractions or utilisations of the database. Allegations were made that it had sought to abuse its dominant position, and to make excess profits. After the decision in the ECJ, the defendant bookmakers believed that the claimant had no continuing right to restrict use of the data, and ceased to make payments under its licences.
Held: The proposition advanced by the defendant was startling, and failed. The defendant remained bound by the licence whether or not the claimant had the right to control the use of the data. The defendant had acknowledged the claimant’s rights in the contract. The right to refuse to provide the data was separate from the requirement that there be copyright or other arrangements between the customer and the licensor. A non-challenge provision did not seek to oust the jurisdiction of the court, and was not void or unenforceable. As to the assertion of abuse of dominant position ‘we still live in a free market economy where traders are allowed to run their businesses without undue interference. What Article 82 and section 18 of the Act are concerned with is unfair prices, not high prices. In determining whether a price is unfair it is necessary to consider the impact on the end consumer and all of the market conditions. In a case where unfair pricing is alleged, assessment of the value of the asset both to the vendor and the purchaser must be a crucial part of the assessment.’

Laddie J
[2005] EWHC 1074 (Ch), [2005] EuLR 924
EC Directive 96/9, Competition Act 1998 18
England and Wales
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