Horton v Sadler and Another: HL 14 Jun 2006

The claimant had been injured in a road traffic accident for which the defendant was responsible in negligence. The defendant was not insured, and so a claim was to be made against the MIB. The plaintiff issued proceedings just before the expiry of the period, but failed to give first the requisite formal notice to the MIB. He now appealed against dismissal of his second set of proceedings for want of exercise of a judicial discretion to extend the limitation period.
Held: The claimant’s appeal succeeded. The House was being asked to depart from its decision in Walkley which had created an artficial distinction between claimants who made no application within the limitation period, and those who issued, but then failed to serve and had to re-issue outside the limitation period. Several cases were referred to where the case had been distinguished and there had been a reluctance to apply it. The court did have the discretion denied to it by Walkley, to allow extension of the time for a claim. Walkley was overruled.
Lord Bingham: ‘Over the past 40 years the House has exercised its power to depart from its own precedent rarely and sparingly. It has never been thought enough to justify doing so that a later generation of Law Lords would have resolved an issue or formulated a principle differently from their predecessors.’


Lord Bingham of Cornhill, Lord Hoffmann, Lord Rodger of Earlsferry, Lord Carswell, Lord Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood


[2006] UKHL 27, Times 19-Jun-2006, [2007] 1 AC 307, (2006) 91 BMLR 60, [2006] RTR 27, [2006] 2 WLR 1346, [2006] PIQR 30, [2006] 3 All ER 1177




Limitation Act 1980 33


England and Wales


OverturnedWalkley v Precision Forgings Ltd HL 1979
The plaintiff tried to bring a second action in respect of an industrial injury claim outside the limitation period so as to overcome the likelihood that his first action, although timeous, would be dismissed for want of prosecution.
Held: He . .
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Writs had been issued within the limitation period, but then allowed to lapse.
Held: Section 2D gave a wide discretion to the court which was not limited to a residual class of case or to exceptional cases.
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The plaintiffs were steel dressers who, in the course of their employment, had inhaled quantities of noxious dust which had caused them to suffer from pneumoconiosis. They issued proceedings on 1 October 1956 but were unable to show any breach of . .
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The plaintiff had sued his club under its name, but it was an unincorporated association, and the action was stricken out as improperly constituted. The first writ issued within the primary limitation period but was ineffective. The defendant . .
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The defendants, young boys, had set fire to paper and thrown the lit papers into a wheelie bin, expecting the fire to go out. In fact substantial damage was caused. The House was asked whether a conviction was proper under the section where the . .
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(Birmingham County Court ) The court considered a request to exercise its discretion to allow a claim to proceed despite the writ having been issued outside the limitation period.
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The writ was issued one day late; there had been early notification of the claim; and the defendant’s ability to defend the case was unaffected. The plaintiff asked the court to exercide its discretion to allow the claim t proceed.
Held: The . .
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The plaintiff, then a 16 year old girl slipped and fell whilst employed at the defendant’s factory. The limitation period expired on her 21st birthday. She commenced proceedings five and a half months after that date. The judge extended time under . .
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The claimant was diagnosed as suffering from an industrial disease. He instructed solicitors promptly, but they failed to issue within the limitation period. The claimant applied for the time to be lengthened to allow him to claim. The court . .
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Where a personal injury action had been delayed for five years by bad advice from solicitors and counsel, the court’s discretion should be exercised to allow the plaintiff to proceed with her claim, not herself being responsible for the delay.
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The Court directed that unless particulars were served by a specified date the defendant’s claim should be struck out. The defendant served some particulars but it was decided that the defendant had deliberately flouted the unless order and its . .
Appeal fromHorton v Sadler and Another CA 28-Jun-2004
. .

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The defendant appealed against the disapplication of section 11 of the 1980 Act under section 33.
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MentionedAustin v Mayor and Burgesses of The London Borough of Southwark SC 23-Jun-2010
The appellant’s brother had been the secure tenant of the respondent Council which had in 1987 obtained an order for possession for rent arrears suspended on condition. The condition had not been complied with, but the brother had continued to live . .
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The court was asked: ‘whether the current approach to assessing the financial losses suffered by the dependant of a person who is wrongfully killed properly reflects the fundamental principle of full compensation, and if it does not whether we . .
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Personal Injury, Limitation

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