Gomez and others v Vives: CA 3 Oct 2008

The claimant appealed a finding that the court did not have jurisdiction over income payable to a trust governed by English law under which the claimant was beneficiary.
Held: The appeal failed in part. Because Article 5 is in derogation from the basic principle of domicile in Article 2, the provisions of Article 5 are to be construed restrictively. In this case, the beneficiary was being sued for overpayment as part of the trust. ‘It would be quite inconsistent with the restrictive approach to the special head of jurisdiction in Article 5(6) to read the words ‘as trustee’ in the expansive way, in which they would have to be read, to produce a result in favour of the claimants.’ Even if the powers on which the claim was based are classified as fiduciary, the first defendant is not being sued in the second claim ‘as a trustee . . of a trust created . . by a written instrument’ for the purposes of Article 5(6).

Lawrence Collins LJ, Jacobs LJ
[2008] EWCA Civ 1065
Council Regulation (EC) 44/2001 2 5(6), Jurisdiction and Judgments Act 1982
England and Wales
Appeal fromGomez and others v Encarnacion Gomez-Monche Vives and others ChD 18-Feb-2008
The court had no jurisdiction in a claim by the three claimants against their mother, the first defendant, arising out of a trust created by their father. The family was Spanish and the trust was expressed to be governed by English law. The . .
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Restitution when Contract Void ab initio
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