Francovich, Bonifaci and others v Italy: ECJ 19 Nov 1991

LMA The claimants, a group of ex-employees sought arrears of wages on their employers’ insolvency. The European Directive required Member States to provide a guarantee fund to ensure payment of employees’ arrears of wages in the event of their employers’ insolvency. Since there was no prospect of claiming from their former employers, they brought their claim against the Italian State on 3 grounds

  • State had breached P’s substantive rights contained in the Directive
  • The rights conferred by the Directive were directly effective
  • State had failed to implement the Directive as required under Arts.5 and 189 [Arts.10 and 249]
  • The court had already held that Italy was in breach of its Community obligations in Art.169[Art.226]EC proceedings.
  • The rights conferred by the Directive were not directly effective as they were not sufficiently clear, precise and unconditional.
  • Where the State had failed to implement an EC Directive, it would be obliged to compensate individuals for damage suffered as a result of its failure to implement the Directive provided 3 conditions were satisfied
  • The Directive involves rights conferred on individuals.
  • The content of those rights can be identified on the basis of the provisions of the Directives
  • There is causal link between the State’s failure and the damage suffered by the persons affected.
    Where the 3 conditions of Francovich are fulfilled, individuals seeking compensation as a result of activities and practices that are inconsistent with EC Directives may proceed directly against the State (do not consider whether Directive is VDE first)
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