Hemmati and Others, Regina (on The Application of) v Secretary of State for The Home Department: SC 27 Nov 2019

The Home Secretary appealed from a finding that illegally entered asylum seekers had been unlawfully detained pending removal. The five claimants had travelled through other EU member states before entering the UK. The court considered inter alia whether damages for false imprisonment were allowable under Factortame.
Held: The appeals failed. Chapter 55 of the EIG does not establish objective criteria for the assessment of whether an applicant for international protection who is subject to a Dublin III transfer procedure may abscond; its contents do not constitute a framework with certain predetermined limits; and it does not set out the limits of the flexibility of the relevant authorities in assessing the circumstances of each case in a manner which is binding and known in advance. It follows that Chapter 55 of the EIG cannot satisfy the requirements of articles 28(2) and 2(n) of the Dublin III Regulation and the majority of the Court of Appeal were right so to hold.
They were all detained unlawfully and are entitled to damages under domestic law for false imprisonment. I would transfer these proceedings to the County Court for the assessment of the quantum of those damages, if that quantum cannot be agreed.
Lady Hale, President, Lord Reed, Deputy President, Lord Wilson, Lady Arden, Lord Kitchin
[2019] UKSC 56
Bailii Summary, Bailii
Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) No 604/2013, Immigration Act 1971
England and Wales
At AdmnSS, Regina (on The Application of) v Secretary of State for The Home Department and Another Admn 26-May-2017
The claimant sought asylum, claiming to be a child.
Held: He was not a child when detained. However, he had been detained to secure his transfer to the responsible member state under the Dublin III scheme; that it had to be established that he . .
At CA (Appeal from)Hemmati and Others, Regina (on The Application of) v The Secretary of State for The Home Department CA 4-Oct-2018
Conjoined hearing of appeals in respect of three judgments covering the cases of five individual immigrants who were placed in detention for periods pending possible removal to other EU Member States pursuant to the asylum claim arrangements under . .
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An offender had been recommended for deportation following conviction. He had served his sentence and would otherwise have been released on parole. He had no passport and no valid travel documents. He complained that the length of time for which he . .
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At Admin (1)Khaled v SS Home Department Admn 18-Apr-2016
The Court was asked as to the making of orders for the return of asylum seekers to Bulgaria, being their first country of arrival within the EU. The claimants challenged both the lawfulness of their removal and the lawfulness of their detention.
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The Court considered the guidance given to UK Border Agency case workers when considering document submitted by persons applying for leave to enter or stay in the UK as foreign students. M had applied to study here, but had not accompanied his . .
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The claimant was arrested on suspicion of murder and rape. The investigating officer was delayed by traffic so the arrest was carried out by a surveillance officer who was present at the scene but did not personally have reasonable grounds for . .

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