Feakins and Another v Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Civ 1513): CA 9 Dec 2005

The department complained that the defendants had entered into a transaction with their farm at an undervalue so as to defeat its claim for recovery of sums due. The transaction used the grant of a tenancy by the first chargee.
Held: The farmers’ appeal as to the farm transaction failed: ‘beyond argument that DEFRA was a ‘victim’ of the ‘transaction’ in the instant case. The fact that the sale by NatWest, looked at in isolation, caused no loss is not to the point. The point is that the ‘transaction’ was not the sale by NatWest, but the arrangement between KF and Miss Hawkins to use that sale as a necessary step in the process of transferring the intended benefit to Miss Hawkins. ‘ The transaction was to be set aside. As to the counterclaim in which damages were sought for trespass in the steps taken to dispose of carcasses of animal slaughtered for foot and mouth. There was no express statutory power to take the steps undertaken, in particular to bury the carcasses. The result was a permanent interference with the land: ‘authority to interfere permanently with private property rights is to be limited to the circumstances identified in section 34(4) and not to be extended to the more general power of disposal conferred by section 34(2). ‘ The European Groundwater Directive could not be used to justify such action, since there was no sufficient breach of the Directive. The Departments appeal on the counterclaims failed.


Lord Justice Waller Lord Justice Jonathan Parker Mr Justice Moses


[2005] EWCA Civ 1513, Times 22-Dec-2005




Insolvency Act 1986 423, Animal Health Act 1981, Diseases of Animals (Seizure Order) 1993 (1993 No 1685, Foot-and-Mouth Disease Order 1983


England and Wales


Appeal fromDepartment for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs v Feakins and Another ChD 26-Nov-2004
The farmer complained that the department had, during the foot and mouth outbreak destroyed animals which did not belong to the owner of the land. The department said that the farmer had disposed of his land at an undervalue to defeat his creditors. . .
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See AlsoFeakins and Another v Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Civ 1658) CA 9-Dec-2005
. .
See AlsoRegina on the Application of Feakins v Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs CA 4-Nov-2003
The applicant farmer had substantial volumes of potentially contaminated carcasses on his land. The respondent derogated from the European regulations which would have arranged for the disposal of the carcasses. The respondent challenged the . .

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See AlsoFeakins and Another v Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Civ 1658) CA 9-Dec-2005
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