Ezeh and Connors v The United Kingdom: ECHR 15 Jul 2002

The applicants were serving prisoners. They had been the subject of disciplinary proceedings in which they had been denied the right to representation. They claimed an infringement of their right to a fair trial.
Held: Both proceedings had resulted in the extension of the respective prison sentences. The rules gave the governor discretion to allow representation, but no duty. The Convention required a defendant to be allowed legal representation in any criminal proceedings. Case law allowed exclusion of representation in adjudication proceedings, but these proceedings required representation. The procedure did infringe the prisoners’ human rights.


J-P Costa, P and JJ W. Fuhrmann, L. Loucaides, Sir Nicolas Bratza, H. S. Greve, K. Traja and M. Ugrekhelidze Section Registrar S. Dolle


Times 30-Jul-2002, 39665/98, 40086/98, [2002] ECHR 590, [2003] ECHR 485, (2002) 35 EHRR 691, (2003) 39 EHRR 1, (2002) 35 EHRR 28, [2002] ECHR 595


Worldlii, Bailii


European Convention on Human Rights 6(3)


Human Rights


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An application for an oral hearing by the prisoner had been made on a special basis. The court set out six considerations of the conditions under which a prisoner facing internal disciplinary proceedings should be given access to legal . .

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Licence conditions imposed at the time of sentence would restrict the defendant after he had served his sentence and been released, and so operated as a heavier penalty, and section 33(1) was incompatible with the defendant’s Art 7.1 rights.
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The claimant, whilst a prisoner. had been found guilty in disciplinary proceedings, and sentenced to additional days. He was not allowed representation at the hearing. The respondent argued that, the penalty having later been quashed, the hearing . .
See alsoEzeh and Connors v The United Kingdom ECHR 9-Oct-2003
The applicants were prisoners subject to disciplinary proceedings. The offences were equivalent to criminal charges in domestic law. They were refused legal assistance, and had additional terms added to their sentences.
Held: The charges . .
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The claimant was a serving a life sentence. During prison disciplinary proceedings he was refused legal and other assistance, and an outside tribunal on the basis that since any finding would not lead to any loss of remission or extra time, his . .
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The appellant complained that as a prisoner he was subjected to disciplinary proceedings for refusing to co-operate with drugs tests. He said that he had not been informed that there would be a penalty if he did not comply. He now complained that . .
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