Tangney v The Governor of HMP Elmley and Another: CA 29 Jul 2005

The claimant was a serving a life sentence. During prison disciplinary proceedings he was refused legal and other assistance, and an outside tribunal on the basis that since any finding would not lead to any loss of remission or extra time, his rights to a fairtrial were not engaged.
Held: The prisoner’s appeal was dismissed. The prisoner’s continued detention was determined by the issue of the safety of the public on his release once te determinate part of his sentence was complete. The rules might benefit from clarification. The applicant’s rights to a fair trial at common law were not higher than those granted by t heconvention.


Sir Mark Potter P, keane LJ, Scott Baker LJ


[2005] EWCA Civ 1009, Times 30-Aug-2005, [2005] HRLR 1220, [2005] 2 Prison LR 253




Prison Rules 1999 (1999 No 728) 51, European Convention on Human Rights 86


England and Wales


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