Edwards v Hugh James Ford Simey Solicitors: SC 20 Nov 2019

The claimant sought damages saying that the defendant solicitors had failed to secure the incremental award of compensation under the vibration white finger scheme. The central issue was whether evidence which only became available later, but which would have undermined the claim for the incremental award should be allowed for.
Held: It could not be. The judge at first instance had been mistaken in taking account of the effect of the later medical examination and its report. The scheme was intended to be simple, and the report would not have been obtained under it. The case was remitted to assess damages on the basis of the standard scheme operation.


Baroness Hale of Richmond PSC, Lord Reed DPSC, Lord Lloyd-Jones, Lord Sales JJSC, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd


[2019] UKSC 54, [2019] WLR(D) 643, [2020] 1 All ER 749, [2019] 1 WLR 6549, [2020] PNLR 8, 172 BMLR 1, UKSC 2018/0132, SC 2019 Jul 25 am Video


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England and Wales


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Professional Negligence, Damages

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