Perry v Raleys Solicitors: SC 13 Feb 2019

Veracity of a witness is for the court hearing him

The claimant, a retired miner, had sued his former solicitors, alleging professional negligence in the settlement of his claim for Vibration White Finger damages under the government approved scheme for compensation for such injuries. At trial, the judge found the claimant’s evidence unreliable, and that in any event his losses were reduced, being not entitled to a services award. Raleys now appealed the reversal of the damages award.
Held: The appeal succeeded. The judge at first instance not only was entitled to assess the veracity of the claimant as a witness, but had a duty to do so, and having reached a conclusion, to apply it. The credibility of a witness was properly a matter for the judge hearing that evidence, and not for an appellate court. The claimant had failed to establish that, properly advised, he would have been able to present a case for the services award.
‘It is a very strong thing for an appellate court to say, from a review of the paper records of a trial , that the trial judge was irrational in concluding that witnesses were not telling the truth, all the more so when the trial judge gives detailed reasons for that conclusion in a lengthy reserved judgment, and those reasons do not disclose any failure by him to consider relevant materials, or any disabling failure properly to understand them. The credibility (including honesty) of oral testimony is, of all things, a matter for the trial judge.’

Lady Hale, President, Lord Wilson, Lord Hodge, Lord Lloyd-Jones, Lord Briggs
[2019] UKSC 5, UKSC 2017/0092, [2019] PNLR 17, [2019] 2 WLR 636, [2020] AC 352, [2019] 2 All ER 937
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England and Wales
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