Durkin v DSG Retail Ltd and Another: SC 26 Mar 2014

Cancellation of Hire Finance Contract

The claimant had bought a PC with a finance agreement with the respondent. He rejected it a day later, but the respondent refused to cancel the credit agreement. The respondent had threatened to report his non-payment to credit reference companies, which in due course caused the appellant more difficulties. He claimed damages of 250,000 pounds for this damage, alleging negligence. He had succeeded in establishing a right to reject the computer. The bank succeeded on appeal against a finding that it was liable in damages.
Held: The appeal succeeded. Lord Hodge said that the purpose of the restricted-use credit agreement is to finance a transaction between the consumer and the supplier. Where, as here, the contract is tied to a particular transaction, it has no other purpose. The rescission of the supply agreement excuses the innocent party from further performance of any obligations he has under it. It is inherent in a debtor-creditor-supplier agreement under the 1974 Act, which is also tied into a specific supply transaction, that if the supply transaction it financed is brought to an end by the supplier’s repudiatory breach of contract, the debtor must repay the borrowed funds recovered from the supplier. In order to reflect that reality, the law implies a term into such a credit agreement that it is conditional upon the survival of the supply agreement. The debtor on rejecting the goods and thereby rescinding the supply agreement for breach of contract may also rescind the credit agreement by invoking this condition.

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Appeal fromDurkin (Aberdeen Sheriff Court) v DSG Retail Ltd SCS 15-Jun-2010
The appellant had purchased a computer from an associated company of the defender with finance from the defender. He complained that on his return of the computer the defender had failed to cancel the consumer credit agreement, causing him losses. . .
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