Derby and Co Ltd v Weldon (Nos 3 and 4): CA 1990

The plaintiff had obtained an asset freezing order against a defendant Panamanian Company, which now appealed saying that it was inappropriate to make such an order where the company had no assets in the jurisdiction.
Held: The appeal failed. In the event of disobedience there was sufficient sanction in that the court could bar the defendant from defending. It was not concerned to enquire whether or not the order was enforceable in Panama.
Where a Mareva Order is breached, or there is a real risk of such breach, the appropriate first remedy is the appointment of a receiver over assets which are subject to the Mareva order.
Lord Donaldson MR said: ‘Courts assume, rightly, that those who are subject to its jurisdiction will obey its orders . . It is only if there is doubt about whether the order will be obeyed and if, should that occur, no real sanction would exist, that the court should refrain from making an order which the justice of the case requires.
This consideration led the Vice-Chancellor to examine the extent to which a Mareva injunction could be enforced against [the defendant] in Luxembourg . . This certainly is deserving of examination but, in the context of the grant of the Mareva injunction, I think that a sufficient sanction exists in the fact that, in the event of disobedience, the court could bar the defendant’s right to defend. This is not a consequence which it could contemplate lightly as it would become a fugitive from a final judgment given against it without its explanations having been heard and which might well be enforced against it by other courts.’ and
‘In this situation I do not understand why the order that the assets vest in the receiver should only take effect if and when the order was recognized by the Luxembourg courts. True it is that CMI is a Luxembourg company, but it is a party to the action and can properly be ordered to deal with its assets in accordance with the orders of this court, regardless of whether the order is recognized and enforced in Luxembourg. The only effect of non-recognition would be to remove one of the potential sanctions for disobedience.’
Neill LJ said: ‘Section 37(1) of the Act of 1981 gives the High Court a similar jurisdiction to appoint a receiver to that conferred for the grant of an injunction. The remedies are of course separate remedies and in some cases it may be appropriate to grant only one of those remedies rather than both. I am quite satisfied, however, that in this case the judge was right to appoint a receiver . . as well as granting an injunction.’

Lord Donaldson of Lymington MR, Staughton, Neill LJJ
[1990] Ch 65, Times 09-Nov-1990, [1989] 2 WLR 412
England and Wales
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CitedDerby and Co v Weldon (No 6) CA 3-Jan-1990
The court considered its power to order transfer of assets from one jurisdiction (in this case Switzerland) to another in aid of a Mareva injunction.
Held: An order that assets be delivered or transferred to a receiver was a usual one.
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