Coleen Properties Ltd v Minister of Housing and Local Government: CA 26 Jan 1971

The Minister confirmed a compulsory purchase order despite it having been made without any supporting evidence.
Held: The order was set aside. The Minister had erred in not following his Inspector’s conclusion that a compulsory purchase order was not ‘reasonably necessary’ under section 43(2) of the 1957 Act, when there was no material on which he could properly reach a different conclusion.
Lord Denning MR said: ‘I know that on matters of planning policy the Minister can overrule the Inspector, and need not send it back to him, as happened in Lord Luke of Pavenham v Minister of Housing and Local Government. But the question of what is ‘reasonably necessary’ is not planning policy. It is an inference of fact on which the Minister should not overrule the Inspector’s recommendation unless there is material sufficient for the purpose. There was none here.’
Sachs LJ said that whereas the Inspector ‘may well be looked on as an expert for the purpose of forming an opinion of fact, the Minister is in a different position . . no Minister can personally be an expert on all matters of professional opinion with which his officers deal with from day to day.’
Lord Denning MR, Sachs LJ, Buckley LJ
[1971] 1 All ER 1049, (1971) 1 WLR 433, [1971] EWCA Civ 11
Housing Act 1957 43(2)
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