Clift v Slough Borough Council: CA 21 Dec 2010

The court was asked how, if at all, the Human Rights Act 1998 has affected a local authority’s defence of qualified privilege in defamation cases. The claimant had been placed on the Council’s Violent Persons Register after becoming very upset and angry with several council officials and expressing it. The Council had defended the consequent defamation action pleading qualified priviege and justification. The claimant had argued that the defence of qualified privilege could not now be used by a Council, since as a public authority it was bound to act in accordance with her human Rights. The Council now appealed against a ruling that ‘the Council does not have a qualified privilege defence (1) in relation to publication to their employees in Licensing, Food and Safety and Children and Education Services who, although they were ‘customer facing staff’, were not likely to be approached by the claimant and (2) also in relation to Community Wardens, Trade Union Officials and anyone in the four Partner Organisations.’
Held: Where the publisher is a public authority, in order to be protected by qualified privilege the publication must be consistent with its public law duties and in accordance with its obligations under the Human Rights Act.
Ward, Thomas, Richards LJJ
[2011] 3 All ER 118, [2011] EMLR 271, [2011] 1 WLR 1774, [2010] All ER (D) 243, [2010] EWCA Civ 1484, [2011] PTSR 990
Human Rights Act 1998
England and Wales
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