CG v CW and Another (Children): CA 6 Apr 2006

A lesbian couple had split up and disputed the care of the children. An order had been made but then, in breach of that order, one removed the children overnight to Cornwall. An argument was made that the court had failed to give proper weight to the considerations from the 1989 Act and had ignored the close relationship between the children and their natural mother. The children were CGH’s children by virtue of the 1990 Act.
Held: CG’s representations failed. The dispute here was between two biological parents, and the earlier case law did not apply directly: ‘we have moved into a world where norms that seemed safe twenty or more years ago no longer run. ‘ The natural mother did not in such a situation have any presumed priority.
Hallett LJ: ‘I am very concerned at the prospect of removing these children from the primary care of their only identifiable biological parent who has been their primary carer for most of their young lives and in whose care they appear to be happy and thriving. She is both a biological parent and a ‘psychological’ parent. Mindful as I am of the changing social and legal climate, on the facts of this case, I would attach greater significance perhaps than some to the biological link between the appellant and her children.’


Lord Justice Thorpe Lord Justice Laws Lady Justice Hallett


[2006] EWCA Civ 372




Children Act 1989 1(3), Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990 27(1)


England and Wales


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