Re B and A and C and D (Contact and Parental Responsibility: Lesbian Mothers and Known Father) No 2: FD 12 Jan 2006

In deciding whether or not to make a parental responsibility order in favour of the child’s father Black J said: – ‘Perhaps most importantly of all, I am considerably influenced by the reality that Mr B is D’s father. Whatever new designs human beings have for the structure of their families, that aspect of nature cannot be overcome. It is to be hoped that as society accepts alternative arrangements more readily, as it seems likely will happen over the next few years, the impulse to hide or to marginalise a child’s father so as not to call attention to an anomalous family will decline, although accommodating the emotional consequences of untraditional fatherhood and motherhood and of the sort of de facto, non-biological parenthood that is experienced by a step-parent or same sex partner will inevitably remain discomfiting.’
Black J
[2006] EWHC 2 (Fam), [2006] 1 FCR 556
England and Wales
Cited by:
CitedCG v CW and Another (Children) CA 6-Apr-2006
A lesbian couple had split up and disputed the care of the children. An order had been made but then, in breach of that order, one removed the children overnight to Cornwall. An argument was made that the court had failed to give proper weight to . .
CitedIn Re G (A Minor) (Interim Care Order: Residential Assessment); G (Children), In Re (Residence: Same Sex Partner) HL 26-Jul-2006
The parties had been a lesbian couple each with children. Each now was in a new relationship. One registered the two daughters of the other at a school now local to her but without first consulting the birth mother, who then applied for residence . .

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