Cape Plc and Others, Re Companies Act 1985: ChD 16 Jun 2006

The court was asked to sanction a scheme of arrangements, and particularly to approve a proposed scheme which itself contained the power to make amendments to the scheme.
Held: The court did have power to sanction such a proposed scheme of arrangement, though it would use its power only in unusual cirumstances. This case was such a circumstance.
David Richards J
[2006] EWHC 1446 (Ch), Times 05-Jul-2006
Companies Act 1985 425
England and Wales
CitedRe Alabama, New Orleans, Texas and Pacific Junction Railway Company CA 1891
The question is whether a scheme of arrangement: ‘was at least so far fair and reasonable, as that an intelligent and honest man, who is a member of that class [to whom the scheme is put], and acting alone in respect of his interest as such a . .
CitedIn re British Aviation Insurance Company Ltd ChD 21-Jul-2005
Complaint was made that the turn-out at the meeting to approve the proposed scheme of arrangement was about 15% representing just over half in value of the total claims, judged in each case by reference to ‘actual or pending’ claims. Counsel for the . .
CitedIn re Osiris Insurance Ltd ChD 1991
The turn-out at the creditors meeting was low in number (35 out of 971) but creditors with claims worth about 41% of the total value attended the meeting.
Held: Neuberger J said: ‘It is true that the numbers of those who voted was pretty small . .
CitedIn re English, Scottish and Australian Chartered Bank 1893
Vaughan Williams J said: ‘One knows that where there is a liquidation of one concern the general principle is – ascertain what is the domicile of the company in liquidation; let the court of the country of domicile act as the principal court to . .
CitedRothwell v Chemical and Insulating Co Ltd and Another CA 26-Jan-2006
Each claimant sought damages after being exposed to asbestos dust. The defendants resisted saying that the injury alleged, the development of pleural plaques, was yet insufficient as damage to found a claim.
Held: (Smith LJ dissenting) The . .
CitedBarker v Corus (UK) Plc HL 3-May-2006
The claimants sought damages after contracting meselothemia working for the defendants. The defendants argued that the claimants had possibly contracted the disease at any one or more different places. The Fairchild case set up an exception to the . .

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