Callaghan v Independent News and Media Ltd: QBNI 7 Jan 2009


The claimant was convicted in 1987 of a callous sexual murder. He sought an order preventing the defendant newspaper publishing anything to allow his or his family’s identification and delay his release. The defendant acknowledged the need to avoid the identification, but disputed the extent of the restriction to be given.
Held: The order was made as requested. Articles published to date had been designed to create hostility, and were unbalanced, and without being informative as to any risks: ‘the articles are calculated to and do incite hatred’ and ‘when carrying out any balancing exercise it is important not to conflate two aspects of public interest. There is on the one hand a recognised legitimate public interest in relation to the debate as to whether it is right to publish detailed information about sex offenders when they are to be released into the community and if so the extent of that information. I will term that ‘the wider debate’. On the other hand there is a narrower and particular debate in this case as to whether it is in the public interest to publish unpixelated photographs of a particular individual that is the first plaintiff. I will term that ‘the narrower debate’. There are various observations that can be made about the public interest in the wider and narrower debates. It is not necessary to publish photographs of the first plaintiff to participate in the wider debate. A public interest in the wider debate does not establish a public interest in the publication of unpixelated photographs of the first plaintiff. ‘ and ‘the test requires the publisher to consider whether a proposed series of articles, which is likely to cause distress to an individual, will constitute an abuse of the freedom of press which the pressing social needs of a democratic society require should be curbed. ‘

Stephens J
[2009] NIQB 1
Protection from Harassment (Northern Ireland) Order 1997 1
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